Beach Essentials


Beach glamping essentials…

White Balls 2

Everbright Solar Party Ball Lights are a great way to decorate outdoor spaces for a BBQ or Summer Party, around your tent or caravan.

Remote solar panel to be positioned in a sunny area with 4.5 metres of cable to the control box and 2 metres of the cable to the first ball.
20 decorative Solar Party Balls with 1 LED in each.
80 centimetres of cable between each ball so easy to use as a border to your party area
Available in White and Multi (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow alternating colours along the string)
Suitable for all year round use and fitted with iPS Technology so you can rely on these even in winter.
Lights: 4cm diameter
Solar Panel: Height: 13cm, Width: 7cm, Depth: 1cm,
Boxed Weight:1.5kg

Price: £34.99

Deckchair heaven:

Here you will find information and inspiration on products perfect for your next trip to the seaside.

These include: rugs, beanbags, bags, towels, picnic sets/flasks, beer buckets, BBQ kits, cushions, deck chairs, books, camera, wind break, wetsuits, games, beach wear not forgetting refreshments.

Beach blankets & cushions: now comfort is key for the beach, you never know how long you may stay. Nothing worse than being sat on a pebble beach when all you want is to relax with a good book. In this case a good padded and waterproof rug is advisable.

Beach beanbags: Like as if by magic, there is just the perfect company for this product. Its called Beachbum UK and they specialise is giant beach beanbags. Find them here at

Beach bags: can come in all shapes and sizes, choose something durable yet suitable. You could have a variety from….small, medium, large, lightweight, waterproof, convenient, colourful, multi-functional.

Possibly the ideal beach bag could be found here:

At last someone has invented the perfect beach bag, it has pockets for magazine, wine, flip flops, money, mobile, sunglasses, cream……..

It is made from heavy duty canvas and the inside is waterproof, making it THE perfect summer beach bag for 2010! As featured in the Daily Telegraph Weekend for best beach bags!

Others: Big by The Original Canvas Bucket Bag Company

Calico Clutch by jammy things £35 – since 2008 Reefer has been ‘upcycling’ retired sails into a diverse range of original, practical and stylish products for a sustainable modern lifestyle. All our products are made from rescued boat & windsurf sails, kites, paragliders, hang gliders and microlights as well as sailmaker’s roll ends and offcuts. Recycling both sails and wings is a unique concept, these diverse sources allow us to offer our products in a number of finishes to appeal to all generations of customers.

Beach towels: Go big and go bold to make a statement, there are numerous

ranges to choose from depending on what suits your lifestyle. There is no

point carrying a family size towel when all you need is room enough for one.

Makes more space for those girls mags.

Perfect for any beach goer and especially for the water sport enthusiast is a Robie Robe, as seen in the image below:

Picnic sets: Start with a funky picnic carrier but obviously the traditional

set will always do the job well, just bare in mind they maybe a bit cumbersome

to take down to the beach.

The chineese have the perfect solutions for stacking containers called……where you can carry anything from rice salads to fruit platters.

Funky flasks can be used for keeping coffee or hot chocolate or even a tasty homemade soup nice and hot.

Beach accessories:

Linen Beach Huts Tea Towel by Charlotte Macey Textiles

Vintage Linen BEACH LIFE Cushion by Angel Linens

Beer/wine cold buckets – information coming soon

BBQ kits: a good selection can be found at

 Deck chairs: again there are some amazing designs at John Lewis. Although if recycling is your thang, then check out for custom made products and a very romantic deckchair for 2

 Wind Breaks:

Recycled Sailcloth Windbreak by The Reefer Sail Company

Beach wear:

Best to consider all the seasons, this doesn’t mean having to get a new wardrobe each time as there is plenty of items to recycle. The secret is to layer up in the colder months and choose light weight fabrics in the warmer months.

However, you can never be too organised with back up clothes for you and the family. From experience the children are always tempted to go paddleing in the rock pools or chase the white water away in the shallows. Time after time no rolling up of the trousers will ever guarentee a totally dry clothed child. Best take x 2 of everything, all be it light.

First of all before you go galavanting and spending too much on kids clothes, how about any hand me downs that friends and family. Plus, since Mary Queen of Shops made her appearance known with high street charity shops, you may suprise yourself with some cheap and cheerful bargains.

Some of my favourite beachwear retailers:


Quba & Co


White stuff

 Fat Face

*More to follow with images

Swim Gear….any one for skinny dipping? 

What are the essentials? Good question….this does depend on how serious you are about activities on the beach. From sun bathing, walking and paddling in the rock pools to full on extreme water sports will make a huge differene to what kit is required.

The basics:

Swim shorts/bathing suit/bikini/tankini

Rash vest, booties and wetsuit (which come in all shapes and sizes and can match a variety of budgets)

Dont forget the sunscreen

Reading material/Kindle/ipads:

Do we, dont we? The whole essence of being at the beach and enjoying the escapism means just that….escaping the commercialism of life. So what if you have a Kindle? It is the one piece of kit you would take to the beach with all your recent novels already downloaded. Hey, you may even be reading this blog on it?

More essentials to follow shortly x


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