Through the eye of a lens

Already half way through January and I have managed to miss a couple of blogging opportunities. I always seem to promise myself to blog on a Sunday. A perfect time so I thought to write and post my photographs of my beach life adventures.

Simply put I know how to procrastinate and have blogged about this a couple of times!

So while I make more excuses of not finding the time to update you about my coastal adventures perhaps my photos will speak a 1000 words for the time being.

I am however in the process of deciding who will be included in the last few interviews for my book Work Life Is A Beach. It’s a tough gig as each weekend I go on a coastal drive I meet another interesting individual who has set up home and work life close to the beach!

So while I dedicate time to being a local magazine editor, enjoy quality time with my wonderful children, complete my book I’m also going to also make time to indulge in my writing and photography! I will kick procrastination into touch and try and post more about my adventures.

In the meantime here are some of the places I visited since New Years Day…


Until next week…






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