In the name of procrastination

Wow I’ve been way too slack on updating my blog. I do have a new job and all that but still there are no excuses, just that little old devil called procrastination!

As my followers know I am a beach lover whatever the weather and I mean whether I’m close to the coast or not. Recently I have been wondering if there are some of you who wished you had more time for the beach and more time to blog?

I’m keen to hear from you where ever you are. If you are an experienced blogger and have any blogging tips on how to manage a blog post a week, do post your advice.

I’m all ears!

My tips on how to procrastinate as I am a master at it

Can’t blog on holiday as no wifi


Can’t blog today as I am on a sugar detox. Great read by the way 😉


Can’t blog this evening because it’s family time


Can’t blog at breakfast because there are pancakes to make


Can’t blog tomorrow because I’ve been invited out for happy hour


I know there is plenty of time to blog! I’m just going to do it the old fashioned way….



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