Work life is a beach for Global Shots

Let me introduce to the bright and brilliant brand GlobalShots. Owner Jay is one of those energetic characters with buckets loads of energy

He is passionate about life and his career in photography has given him him the opportunity to travel to some of the most tropical islands on the planet.

I recently caught up with him to find out why work life is a beach for GlobalShos and particularly what ideas he has for the future.

I hope you enjoy looking at his amazing photographs as much as I do

Which city/town did you move away from? Where are you based now?

I moved away from Silverstone, Northants in the UK a few years ago. I am now based in Greece, France or the UK’s south coast during the year depending a lot on projects or where the action is.

What profession did you leave behind?

I have been in the watersports industry a while now as I qualified as a windsurf instructor in 2003. I taught all over the world before deciding it was being behind the camera that I loved the most.

Were you attracted to living/working by the coast? If so why?

Absolutely, I couldn’t work anywhere else. I have tried working in cities, inland and other countries however I am always drawn back to the sea wherever I go. The sea is a big focus of our work as a lot of our clients and events we do media coverage for are watersports based.

Where did your business idea come from?

I have always been into photography. As a child growing up I always owned some sort of digital camera and then as soon as I started earning money at the age of 15/16 I saved up for my first SLR, a canon 30D. I then started to teach myself the ins and outs of camera techniques and throughout summer seasons started taking action shots.

GlobalShots first started properly in the year 2009 when I was in Vassiliki the first time and people started to enquire about the photos I was taking.

How was the transition from old job to new?

It was fairly simple, I love finding new and fresh ways of capturing the action. The hardest part I guess was been behind the lens when the conditions were also perfect to be doing the sport I was photographing or filming but I soon found a good balance and learnt to enjoy both.

Describe a typical ‘day in the life…’

Day’s vary on the location and the project as I tend to travel a lot however seeing as summer is on its way I will focus on a typical summer day in Greece.

I normally wake up fairly early and do some sport, more often than not this would be some kind of SUP endurance training. The rest of the morning is spent photographing & filming windsurfing and sailing in the light wind. I spend all afternoon capturing the more advanced windsurfers in the strong winds either from my boat, the media tower we have set up in the middle of the bay or from swimming in the sea using a surf housing to protect my camera.

Once I feel I have captured all the shots I will then try and fit in an evening windsurf session for myself before editing and sorting all the shots.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone wishing to set up a business by the coast?

Never forget why you decided to do it, as for me it would be to enjoy all the sports and lead an active lifestyle. It is all to easy to work 24/7 as you set up a business and forget to enjoy all the things life has to offer you. Enjoy, get out on the water everyday. Buy a SUP!

What are your brief plans for the future?

I want to make Globalshots more Global! Take on more projects all over the world and capture more action. I want to focus a lot more on video production as well as photography. Creating great creative content for extreme sports, travel and lifestyle brands.

We also may have some big plans for Global Clothing..stay posted!

Your favourite:

• beach: I really couldn’t say there are so many great beaches I have seen and all good for different conditions. So it really depends on what I was wanting to do.

• place to eat near the coast: I would rather take my own food down to the beach, then I can eat all my favorite and choose the best spot!

• beach essential:

If it had to be one thing then probably a SUP because there so versatile, whether its flat, windy, wavy I can always get out on the water.











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