Move over Spring…

Well I would like to think that summer is on it’s way. Waking up to blue skies and the smell of fresh laundry on the line is my way of knowing that summer is saying a cheeky hello.

Don’t get me wrong this glorious weather might just be teasing us. If only for a day, at least I get to dust off my flip flops and spend an hour with posh coffees, magazines and a sea view.

Of course I have ended up at my favourite beach hang out – Penarth Pavilion. Well wouldn’t you?


I was hoping for a quiet corner to soak up the sunshine away from the maddening crowd. No such luck! Quite the opposite, the people passing me by ‘happy drunk’ from the sunny rays and Joes ice cream in a strange way is hypnotic and relaxes me while a sit secretly watch them enjoy their Sunday.


I wonder what the elderly couple sat next to me are planning for their afternoon tea and what the little boys opposite happily fishing are hoping to catch. The competitive banter between the youngsters is unbelievably cute


It’s days like today that you have to take a moment to just ‘be’.

This can be a challenge for me as I try my best not to check my work emails or write my To Do list!

There aren’t any words to describe how grateful I am for days like today.

It stops me in my tracks! This is good.

I hope you managed to get some beach time!



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