Coastal craze

I never thought I would be one to embrace the seaside amusement parks and all its chintz. But truth be told, I cant really, but today I was at peace because all was blessed with a beautiful golden beach within steps of the parked car.

Who am I to make judgement on the neon tack that once laced many a British beach, as in their ‘hey day’ it was these very amusement parks that brought tourism and regular cash to our coastal resorts.

Today was my third day ‘on the trot’ to Coney beach (Porthcawl).  Quite an eye opener as you twist and turn between the market stall holders, wondering if you have made a wrong turn, as for a moment you do doubt if their is actually a beach close by?? How wrong of me, within seconds their it was in all its glory, the sandy beach id expected, sweet!

Throughout the day I was most happiest watching the kite surfers rolling in between waves and sand storms. It was almost like the Royal Ballet had hit the skies to put on one of their best performances beautifully creating a rainbow of colours.

What more I was even considering taking part in the sport myself. It looks great fun and by all accounts fabulous for toning the tummy muscles. However, I would need all the kit to have been rigged up ready for me to participate in, of course, no messing about with gear for me, thats an exercise all of its own!

Best I sit back and enjoy the amusement park entertainment, kids just love it and its a great excuse to eat fish n chips.


One response to “Coastal craze

  1. Wow, two blogs in one day! I know what you mean about the amusement parks. I can handle them if there is a PROPER carousel with horses that go up and down :).
    An Aussie mum of three recently kite surfed across Bass strait (Mainland to Tasmania) for charity which got me thinking about taking it up too, but I think I’d need a year in the gym first! Reminds me I should take my camera down to Dolls Point and get some shots of our local kite surfers. Infact the southerly buster is blowing strong so there’s my idea for how to fill in the rest of the afternoon when the baby wakes up. Have fun in Amalfi!

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